Breakout Sessions and General Session

Breakout Sessions and General Session

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27th Eastern Region Conference 

Breakout sessions Overview.


Credit Restoration

 This session is focused on overall Financial Creditability. Scenarios will be presented and informational help with erroneous, inaccurate, and obsolete items such as:




Tax Liens

Public Record


Student Loans


Medical Bills

Judgments Identity Theft

Come and be part of this session. Additionally, if you have any plans/goals to accomplish some financial milestones in the upcoming years like owning a home, a vehicle, or becoming an entrepreneur by acquiring business loans, this session is for you.

State of the National Iota Foundation

The National Iota Foundation (NIF) is a 501c3 entity that can be utilized for many benefits internal and external of Iota. This unique session is intended to provide an exclusive insight on the NIF, its purpose, how you and/or your chapter can benefit from partnering up with the NIF.  

The “I” in Iota: #Self-Identity

This workshop will reintroduce you to why you love I-Phi. We will examine thought-provoking questions such as: Why did you become a Theta Man? What group of Iota men do you identify with? Do you interact with brothers not like you? Have you heard the latest misconception about the men of Iota? Brothers will have the opportunity to share thoughts about Iota. Input will be used to find better ways to portray Brothers publicly, professionally and on social media. We will define the true Iota identity.   

Intake 101

The Intake Process is a 'testing' period, but more importantly, a LEARNING EXPERIENCE for the potential Brother. It is of the utmost importance to correctly educate the potential member as to the Philosophy, Ideals, and History of the Fraternity. With this in mind, the Intake Period should be looked upon as an 'Educational Program'. It is through this type of 'program' that the Principles of the Iota Brotherhood should be presented to the intakes. 

Success Through Style

Part of the Region’s vision is to increase our sense of Pride in Iota thorough proper Branding. One of the untouched Branding initiative is our personal perception on presentation.

 This session is focused on personal presentation and how it affects the overall perception of our great Fraternity. Personal branding is a focus as part of the Region’s vision.

Light of the Polaris-Chapter Polari only 

Share in an in-depth conversation with the International Grand Polaris of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc.  He will share the state of the fraternity and give greater insight on current initiative and the future of Iota. As chapter Polaris, share some of your successes and challenges as you maneuver the remaining tenure as chapter Polaris.